#Bring back our Girls!

Recently, the spate of violence unleashed in Northern Nigeria by BOKO HARAM insurgency, especially on women  and girls assumed an alarming proportion. The abduction of over 270 girls from their school dormitory in Chikob, Borno State of Nigeria, April 2014, put Nigeria in the centre of the world.




At a Boko Haram displaced people home in Abuja





ProJECT 1.

We embark on an extensive yearly travels to various secondary schools, vocational institutions and conduct visits to local markets in rural and urban areas of various States in Nigeria where child trafficking and child labour is exceptionally high. Collaborating with Kera Basil Foundation Nigeria and NAPTIP Edo State Benin city, since 2008 various secondary schools have been visited and information to educate on human trafficking disseminated Edo state which is a prime target. This message is further kept alive by the distribution of free T-shirts, Face caps, Sun screen caps, note books and reflective backpacks (rucksack) with the inscription “say no to human trafficking, say no to child labour”. So far, Edo, Lagos, Cross River States and Abuja the Federal Capital of Nigeria with our awareness campaigns and thousands of materials distributed. Our goal is to undertake a tour of all 36 States of Nigeria by 2019 with our message and prevent the subtle spread of this menace to others States in Nigeria as currently witnessed.





ProJECT Rescue.

It is estimated that 70% of trafficked victims from Nigeria end up in the West Africa axis’s of Mail, Niger, Benin, Burkina Faso etc while a total of 30% make their journey through to Europe according to IOM-Nigeria. GANW took a tour to Burkina Faso to access the situation and equally rescue victims after listening and reading heart- rending articles in the media of the dehumanising conditions of victims. With our limited resources, three victims were rescued on April 19th, 2011, amongst the thousands of victims spread across the region and handed to NATIP. With the cooperation of NPATIP, one of the victims was rush to the emergency ward of National hospital, Abuja on arrival in Nigeria and was saved from death.  We have the desire to continue with the rescue effort in Burkina Faso if financially assisted. Apart from the financial challenges encountered doing this project, our lives were in danger due to the  outbreak of “Mutiny” by the Burkina Soldiers against its government  during this period, there were sporadic gun shots at nights and in the day time- it was an atmosphere of insecurity.


This project was a month long campaigns in October, 2011 starting with a symposium GANW organized at the Women Development Center, Abuja, and Federal capital of Nigeria titled “take a stand against slavery”. This event was attended by Her Excellency, Dr. Mrs. Titi Atiku Abubarkar, initiator and founder of  WOTCLEF, H. E,   Austrian Ambassador to Nigeria (represented), Executive Secretary of NAPTIP (represented); Chairman, Community on Diaspora, Federal House of Representative (represented) Director, Federal  Ministry of Education Abuja, Nigeria were amongst the many  dignitaries that graced the event.


A Panel Discussion on the influence of Education as a tool to curbing human trafficking and by extension slavery, saw the participation of  National commission  on human right, WOCLEF, GANW, Ministry of Women Affairs,  NATIP , Students from various Secondary Schools along with  women  from  several  NGO’s made the audience.


GANW alongside NAPTIP visited the Federal House of Representative, Diaspora and Judicial joint Committee to discuss issues of human trafficking in Nigeria and related matters. During the meeting we made a case for the study of human trafficking to be included in school curriculum in a subject like ethics or social studies. 


GANW long term activities are basically counseling, training, and empowering of victims through our conferences, workshops, exhibition, street work and dissemination of information especially in the area of voodoo and its influence on victims and how to overcome it.  We have also collaborated with KOK, IN VIA, and DIAKONIE  NGO´s in Germany.



1.  Based on our experiences and many visitations to different shelter´s in Nigeria, we realized the need for additional shelters to meet the ever increasing rate of human trafficking victims.  This intended shelter is estimated to hold approximately 300 people at a time and will have basic sporting and educational facilities. facility to learn handi -craft and other such activities which will empower and make victims fit into the society.

2.   We believe that Radio jingle is a very powerful tool to keep the message against human trafficking in the minds of mothers, students and the general public; with more funds we are able to accomplish this.

3. We are in the process of establishing office centers in some strategic locations all across Nigeria and some parts of West Africa for ease of access and counseling assistance.

4.  More funds are neededfor our campaign materials, without enough materials we cannot continue with our campaign through the 31 states of Nigeria. These materials includes, note books, back packs, face caps, sun screen caps and computers that we donate to these schools