I sleep with eight men daily - Victim

By Evelyn Usman

Apprehension, gripped the Benjamins two months ago, following the sudden disappearance of their thirteen -year-old daughter identified simply as Rossy.

The Junior Secondary School 3 student reportedly left her parents Ahmadiya residence in Ijaye- Ojokoro area of Lagos, informing her siblings that she was going to her mother's shop around U-turn in Abule-Egba area of the state. But that was never to be following her strange disappearance.

Tension heightened after a futile search,which left her mother, a widow, just smarting from the death of her husband, devastated. Apparently thinking she could have been kidnapped, the widow, a petty trader and members of her family waited endlessly for a telephone call that would demand for ransom for the teenager's release.

But that was never to be. Police divisions around the area including morgues were visited. Yet there was no clue about Rossy's disappearance.

But just when the family was about given up on hope, the widow's telephone rang, only to be informed that her daughter was in police custody in far away Ogun state. Rossy, as gathered, was arrested among other commercial sex workers.

During preliminary investigation, the teenager alleged that she was forced into ostitution by one of her mother's customers whose name she gave simply as sister Rosemary.

Meanwhile, back home, the said sister Rosemary was said to be among the search team and a regular caller to the widow's house.

The teenager in her statement to the police, disclosed that, at least, eight men slept with her on a daily basis, claiming that she was dis flowered by one of the men,.

According to her, " on my way to my mother's shop that fateful day, I saw sister Rosemary and greeted her. The next thing she told me was to follow her and I obeyed . Together we entered a bus and arrived in a hotel in Sango. She introduced me to two men and later went to get me a wig, saying that would make me look matured. The two men she introduced me to, gave me the key to a room.

That night, an Alhaji first came and slept with me. At first I put up struggle but he overpowered me. It was while he was on me that he realized that blood was coming out of my virgina. After that I rushed out of the room and met sister Rosemary. When I told her blood was coming from my private part, she used a cloth to clean it and asked me to go back.

That was how I remained there, forgetting to even return home to my poor mother. Eight men slept with me every day and I collect N800 from each of them. But for those who slept all night, I collected N1,500. Sister Rosemary usually gave me anti- biotic each time I finished with any man. The first time I asked her to allow me go home, she beat me insisting I should remain", the teenager stated, adding that she presently feel sharp pains in her private part anytime she urinates.

The confessional statement of the teenager whose father is a police man, led to the arrest of sister Rosemary by policemen from Oke-Odo division. Police sources at the division, told Crime Alert that the suspect would be charged to court at the end of investigation.